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Fitlab is a fantastic gym fully equipped with anything you need to get in great shape! The workouts are always challenging and varied so you will never get bored and neither will your muscles!

Sharath Parsam

Fitlab 3000 embodies inclusive fitness for all ages, fitness levels and goals. Steve and Fitlabs dedicated instructors make every class enjoyable, challenging and most importantly safe! Fitness has been an important part of my life for close to 30 years as a Group Fitness instructor and I wish I joined CrossFit years ago after many years of using a PT.

Adrian Francavilla

Brilliant place with brilliant coaches. All coaches are focused on first making sure that you are correct in your movements, before you try to be the next open winner! This makes all classes not only an exercise routine but a learning as well (for us beginners anyway!!!) All this with a great culture and a lot of laughs, its a great place to get fit and have some fun at the same time!

Brett Waudby
Been three and half years now... says it all. Great coaching
Andrew David

Online Coaching

Online coaching is an all inclusive health and fitness program that includes fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. It’s all centred around your lifestyle and your goals, whether it be performance, health, or a hybrid of the two.

We start with a comprehensive assessment to determine opportunities for improvement. We then create a tailored program to suit where you are and where you want to go.
You receive your programming (fitness and nutrition) each week, and you can carry it out anywhere in the world.

We then have monthly consultations via Zoom to review your progress and set benchmarks for future cycles.

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