Personal Training

Personal Training.

Personal training programs are tailored to the clients’ needs, abilities and goals. We use a combination of resistance and bodyweight training, while adding the right type of intensity for each person. We also include mobility and flexibility exercises to bulletproof your body.

There is a large emphasis on movement quality and education, so that you can move towards group training in time.

Online Coaching.

Online coaching is an all inclusive health and fitness program that includes fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. It’s all centred around your lifestyle and your goals, whether it be performance, health, or a hybrid of the two.

We start with a comprehensive assessment to determine opportunities for improvement. We then create a tailored program to suit where you are and where you want to go.
You receive your programming (fitness and nutrition) each week, and you can carry it out anywhere in the world.

We then have monthly consultations via Zoom to review your progress and set benchmarks for future cycles.

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