Yes, and so much more. We’ve been a CrossFit affiliate for over ten years and in that time have evolved our services to include nutrition coaching, mobility, body composition and endurance. We also have a wellness centre with osteopathy and a recovery centre to offer a holistic health service for anyone who walks through our doors.

Absolutely! This style of training is often a great starting point to starting CrossFit. The biggest difference between these chains and CrossFit is the olympic movements and gymnastics - both of which are cornerstones of our program. To work out the right starting point for you, please book in a free intro.

Yes. Nutrition is a big part of what we do, and we offer group and individual programs through Barefoot Health.

All of the above. We don’t believe in any one diet, instead we work with each individual to find something that’s practical and sustainable.

Each class is a 1 hour long, and includes a warmup, strength/skill, conditioning, and a cooldown/stretch.

No more than 10. We pride ourselves on you being coached, and therefore cap classes at 10. This ensures that you have space to move freely and time to engage with our coaches.

Our coaching staff are well equipped to find the appropriate scaling and substitution movements for any injury or condition.
We’re also fortunate enough to have a Doctor of Osteopathy from Movement by Design on our coaching staff. They manage all prehab and rehab for our members, and will direct you to the appropriate classes and scaling options to help your injury.

Yes. We pride on bringing people from “Couch to CrossFit” and our fundamentals program is a testament to this. Rather than throw you into the deep end, we guide you through 1to1 personal training for 6 sessions, before progressing to group training.T We’ve helped hundreds of people go from Couch to CrossFit, and would love you to be a part of this special group!

To say that CrossFit is 100% safe is untrue… Whenever you dare to move your body and challenge yourself - you’re taking on a degree of risk!

We pride ourselves on applying the CrossFit in a safe and effective manner, and having been coaching CrossFit for over 10 years, with thousands of hours of coaching and continued education, we feel confident in safely delivering this method to anyone who walks through our doors.

We do not. We don’t believe in throwing you into a group class hoping you’ll be able to swim. Instead, we’d like to get to know you. Your goals, health history, and starting point is important when prescribing any fitness modality. This is all covered in our No Sweat Introduction, where you’ll come down and meet our Head Coach, discuss your goals, and see if FitLab is right for you.

If you’re an existing Crossfitter and would like to drop into a class, you can purchase a single session here.

We use direct debit for all memberships. If you’d like to pay in another manner, please reach out to us.

Sure. We can pause your membership for periods of 4 weeks or greater. We’ll also fix you up with some online programming and a nutrition guide to follow to ensure that you’re keeping healthy on the road.

If you’re traveling interstate, you’re able to train at our affiliate partners for free:

BeAthletic CBD Sydney 
[email protected]

Soul 365 Adelaide
[email protected]
0432 433 306

Inner City CrossFit Perth 
[email protected]
08 9328 2002