We’re a community of health conscious individuals, united through fitness and self development.

Back in 2010 we started doing this crazy thing called CrossFit in a small space in South Melbourne. Since then we’ve seen thousands of lives change as a result of this powerful health intervention.

Today, we’ve evolved into a holistic health hub with personal training, group training, nutrition coaching, and our signature CrossFit classes. We also have a dedicated wellness centre, with recovery (ice bath, infrared sauna, normatec compression), osteopathy and sports nutrition.


Why Us?

We believe that through health and fitness, we can live a larger life.

Since 2012 we’ve been helping people eat better, move better, and live better. While fitness trends come and go, we’ve stood the test of time by developing world class coaching, human connection and life changing results.

We realise that everyone is on their own journey of fitness. For some of us, fitness is losing weight, for others it’s improving energy, and for some it’s just keeping up with our kids. Whatever the goal is, we create customised programs to have you reach them.

Our approach is to focus on “form first” and each client is put through the “Crossfit Fundamentals” program, before progressing to group classes. This program sees you work 1to1 with a coach to do a comprehensive movement assessment, and learn tall of the CrossFit movements is a safe, constructive environment. This program is unique to FitLab and something that we believe is the only way to learn CrossFit safely and effectively.

We realise that every body is unique, and we create customised programs for each person that walks through our doors. Every movement and workout is adaptable, and we We also know that each member is on their own fitness journey, with different goals and starting points. We pride ourselves on treating you like an individual, and steering you on the right path for whatever goal you have.

We have parents, grandparents, business owners, students and athletes at our facility. While each person has different goals and capabilities, we’re all united on our quest for self improvement.


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