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CrossFit Fundamentals.

At FitLab, we learn CrossFit the right way, and build your fitness gradually and safely in a controlled space, before progressing to group classes. In these sessions, you'll learn all of the CrossFit movements, and find your progression and starting weights for each. 

Once you graduate from fundamentals, you’ll have a firm grounding on CrossFit techniques, and be able to progress smoothly in group classes.

This all starts with a free 1-1 intro session. You can book this in here. 

If you're an experienced CrossFitter, you're welcome to skip this step and go straight into group classes.

CrossFit - Base.

Crossfit Base provides the foundation of Crossfit training.

With this program, you’ll be building your strength, mobility, cardio, and technique. Base takes out the complex CrossFit movements, and replaces them with simpler movements that you can perform at a high work rate.

You’ll still be working hard, sweating, and high fiving, but you'll be doing it in a way that's tailored for your capacity. Base programming is performed alongside peak, and you'll choose which option is suitable for you on the day.

CrossFit - Peak.

Peak includes all of the elements that have made CrossFit the most effective fitness program on the planet. You’ll take on the olympic lifts, gymnastics movements, and conditioning components to test yourself in high intensity workouts. Peak is best performed with pre requisite strength and skill work that's often developed in Base.

These movements have a high degree of complexity, and we believe in teaching proper positions and techniques, before putting you into a high intensity scenario where you’re to perform multiple reps.

Are you an experienced CrossFitter ready for Peak? Get in touch with us below and we can get you started.


In mobility class, we work through those tight areas that are holding you back from expressing your true athletic potential. This program is conducted and designed by our resident Osteopath and longtime CrossFit Coach, Dr. Luke Bryan. You’ll use stretching, soft tissue management, myofascial release and down regulation techniques to bring balance to the body and have you float through your day!


StrengthLab is your ticket to creating a well rounded body, improving your performance inside and outside of the gym. 

If you’ve ever wished that you had the time to build functional strength in a group class, then this is for you. In StrengthLab, you’ll be on your way to getting your first pull-up, building a solid core and creating lean muscle mass that will have you looking and feeling awesome. 

The class aims to improve on three aspects of fitness: improve structural integrity, body composition, and form and function.


A hallmark of FitLab, our weightlifting classes are designed to learn and develop skills in the snatch, clean and jerk, as well as build whole body strength to compliment these movements.

Sessions work in a 6 week cycle, with testing following each cycle. These are suitable for beginner to advanced athletes - you'll be challenged only by what's on your bar!


Our endurance classes are designed to build aerobic capacity, pacing, and support body composition goals. We use rowing machines, bike ergs, ski ergs and plain old running to do intervals of varying time domains and intensities. We follow a dedicated program that builds capacity each week. You’ll then test your distance at the end of the 6 week cycle. You’ll leave sweaty, refreshed, and with that sweet cardio - high!

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