How to join?

Book Your Free, No Sweat Intro.

We’d like to get to know you, and you probably want to get to know us. This is why we start each member's journey with a free introduction to CrossFit. Rather than throw you straight into group classes and have you sweat and suffer, we sit down with you and discuss your health history, goals and answer any questions that you have about our gym. We'll then take you through a quick movement assessment and taster workout, so that you get a feel for what you'll be getting into!

Complete your FitLab Fundamentals Program

If you’d like to join FitLab, you’ll start with our private fundamentals program, where you’ll learn all of the CrossFit movements in a safe and constructive environment, working 1to1 with a coach. We also do a comprehensive movement assessment with you, to ensure that you’re choosing the exercises that are appropriate for your body type and goals. During this period, you develop a foundation of the CrossFit movements, and build your conditioning for group classes.


After your graduation (yay!), you sit down with your coach and decide the best path forward. This can be personal, group, or a hybrid training approach where you’re doing both.

Start changing your life.

After 3 months of your training and nutrition program, you’ll have your goal review session with your coach, and check in on the target that you set in step 1! We’ll take another body scan, do a mental wellbeing check in, and set some goals for the future - because after all, what gets measured, gets managed!

Book a Free Introduction Session

To get started, book your free intro today.