Upper Body Pull/Muscle Up Cycle – Week 2


Monday January 27th – we will be running 8 & 9am WODs only due to Public Holiday.

FITLAB – CrossFit 3000 – Gymnastics

Warm Up

-Stick balance

(5x V-sits if you drop the stick)

3 Rounds:

15 Lying Passthroughs

8/8 Balance Press

12 Candlestick Lowers

A: Skill Development

i) 2 x 8/10 Jumping PU/C2B/MU

ii) 2 x 6/10 Hand-Release Kipping Swings

iii) Banded Hips-to-Rings

Choose one strength exercise to complete after each set:

– 10/12 Back Extensions

– 10/12 Eccentric Ring Dips

– 15 Hip Thrusts

B: Midline


Scissor Crunches

(Hollow Hold between sets)

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