Sunday 6th June

FITLAB – CrossFit 3000 – CrossFit

Aerobic Capacity

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets of:

3 x 500m w/40s rest between efforts

Rest 4 mins (must perform 200m easy jog within 4 min interval)

2 x 60m sprints at approx 95% effort w/140m walking recovery after each sprint

Rest 2 mins b/w sets
Workout Focus: Treat each 500m interval as a 300m easy plus 100m moderate plus 100m at a fast pace. Focus on the final 100m. Focus on HR reduction during the 40s rest.

Complete a 200m jog during the 4 min rest, after the 4 min rest, perform the 2 x 60m sprints. The 60m sprints are intended to open up your stride and recruit fast twitch muscle fibers.

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