Sunday 20th June

FITLAB – CrossFit 3000 – CrossFit

Aerobic Capacity

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Kick Em

4 sets of: 300m Run, 200m Jog, 500m Run

Rest between sets: 15s rest, then 100m walk

Details: Run 300m at moderate pace, 200m easy recovery jog, run 500m at moderate pace, rest 15s, walk 100m. Then repeat.

The 500m tempo is the same as the 300m tempo.
Workout Objective: Control your opening 300m pace. The 200m recovey jog should take about the same total time as your 300m interval. Focus on a quick acceleration into your final 500m. Practice your routine for lowering your heart rate during the 15s of rest.

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