Saturday 27th September

Grand Final Day – Go Hawks!

Please note that there will only be WODs at 8am and 10am today. At 9am we are launching the ‘Spring into Summer’ Challenge.

In Teams of 3 complete the following for time:

1600m Row (divided anyway). One person must be in the plank position during the entire row.
30 x Wall-ball each (relay style) 9/7kg to 10′ target
40 x Unison Sit-ups (arms interlaced)
15 x Ring Dips each (relay style)
40 x Unison Team KB Swings (24/16kg)
45 x Squat Cleans (divided anyway) (70/52.5kg). One person must be in the plank the entire time cleans are being done.
20 x Unison Team Burpees


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