Pull & Midline


Tuesday 5th Nov – 8 & 9am WODs only for Melbourne Cup Public Holiday!

FITLAB – CrossFit 3000 – Gymnastics


A) 3×10 Lat Pull Down

*30s Scap retract hold after each set*

B) 3×8 Hollow Rocks

*30s Hollow hold after each set*


A) 4×8 Single Arm Ring Row (each arm)

*30s Flex arm hold after each set*

B) 4×8 tempo Pull-Up negatives

(3secs to lower, control all the way to full extension)


3 rounds for reps:

– Single arm plate hold (L)

– Single arm plate hold (R)

– Plated Hollow hold

– Side Plank (L)

– Side Plank (R)


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