Play Day


Easter – This year we will be closing over Easter. Our last class will be 6.15pm Thursday 18 April, re-opening for the 6am WOD on Tuesday 23rd April. We will post WODs that can be done at home to balance out the chocolate if you feel like getting a sweat on. If not, enjoy the break.

Anzac Day – 25 April – 8 & 9am WODs only!

CrossFit 3000 South Melbourne – Gymnastics


A1) Lat Pulldown 2 x 8 (each side)

A2) Tabletop Thrusts 2 x 10

B1) Tempo Z press 2 x 10 (each side)

B2) Lying Passthroughs 2 x 12


16min Practice


16min E2MOM of:

3-6 reps of whatever you whant to work on.


3 Rounds of:

1min: Side Plank Hold/Pulses (L)

1min: Side Plank Hold/Pulses (R)

1min: Bicycle/Scissor Kicks

1min: Weighted Sit-ups

1min: Hollow Hold

1min : REST

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