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“You can’t out-train bad nutrition”… You might have heard this before. You may even have heard it and thought – challenge accepted! And then there comes a time when you realise how true it is, and you start to fight it less, and start to eat in a way that benefits You the most.

If you aren’t meeting your weight or fitness goals, looking at what and how you eat is going to be an excellent place to start. We generally follow the CrossFit guidelines on nutrition: 

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not excess body fat.

Paleo or Zone methods of eating can be beneficial, and we will help you to find what works best for you and gives you the results you want.

Our advice… when you choose to change your diet, do so gradually. Quitting anything cold turkey rarely has lasting results. Start with the easier substitutes and notice any changes to your body (mood, energy levels, sleep, weight etc.) and tweak as required. Using this method will help ensure a long-lasting change.

Have more nutritional questions? Please ask questions of the Coaching Team before or after one of your sessions.

Track your scores!

Download the WODIFY app to keep track of your scores. Make sure you sign in at the start of each class and pop in your results before you leave the gym! Did you know, you can also sign in on your mobile phone?!? If you have scores you want to put in you can simply manually enter them straight into WODIFY with your login. Not only will you be able to pick your weights better and make best use of your time in class, you will get to enjoy watching your progress.

Membership Notes

For complete details please see our membership page. Here are a few highlights!!!

Membership Notes

We are pretty reasonable, and don’t expect to have to invoke the following. However for the protection of us and our members and ensuring we are promoting an excellent environment at all times, FITLAB CrossFit 3000 reserves the right to the following:

  • Refuse or cancel memberships
  • Refuse you entry to the class if you are more than 5 minutes late
  • Stop your participation in a class if you display poor attitude or are disruptive.

At least 5 days written notice (email) is required for the cancellation or suspension of memberships. If your payment has already been processed (on time), there is no refund.

Membership Suspensions and Travel

We know that work and travel can sometimes get in the way of your training. FITLAB CrossFit 3000 memberships may be put on hold at the discretion of management only for absences of four weeks of greater. When necessary, workouts can be scaled or modified to accommodate injuries.

If you are traveling within Australia, we have made arrangements with other CBD based CrossFit gyms around the country to allow you to train (for free) while traveling as part of your membership. Travel workouts are made available to our members to help with training on the road.

If you do still need to suspend your membership for an exceptional reason we will most likely let you do that. Please just send us a email request with at least 5 days notice. Suspensions are granted at the discretion of FITLAB CrossFit 3000, and will be limited to twice per year. A date of recommencement for your membership must also be given with your request. Your usual payments will be re-activated after your suspension period has been completed. We are rarely closed (we are even open most Public Holidays – excluding part of Easter, Christmas and New years Day). All holidays are factored into our fee structure.

Additionally, we have an alliance with other CrossFit affiliates in CBD areas of the Capital Cities. This will allow you to train for free when traveling interstate (instead of having to pay $25-30 per drop in) and is another service for FITLAB members.

The affiliates we are allied with are top-level affiliates, and are as follows:

If you are keen to train while traveling, please email or call at least 24 hours before your planned visit to check for class availability and to arrange a booking (home members of affiliates will have priority for full classes).

Please don’t just roll-up unannounced – and be a good guest whilst visiting. Have fun training and pick up another t-shirt while you are there.


Refresher One on One Sessions

We don’t forget about you once you are in the group classes. In fact, we recommend that every 6 months you meet with your personal coach for a 1 on 1 session where you can work on a weakness or on a technical skill you need more help on. These sessions are $70/45 min session. Our recommended number of refresher sessions is once per year, however, you can meet up more often than that if you would like additional help with your weightlifting, gymnastics, strength-training or mobility elements.


Coach Luke’s Movement by Design is run from our treatment room upstairs. Movement By Design happily welcomes those with mobility restrictions, injuries, postural problems, or those just wanting general body maintenance or relaxation work. Sessions run for 45mins-1hr. In your session you can expect a variety of techniques inclusive of soft tissue work, fascial work, joint articulation, mobility and strength work. Your session will be unique to your needs and the techniques chosen will be tailored to achieve optimal health outcomes for your body. Book your session HERE. your recovery needs, please see the lovely Carla and her team. ORA will help you recover faster and improve performance with infra-red saunas, cold water therapy baths and Normatec Recovery Systems. Check out their website here:

“You cannot out – train a bad diet.” That is, no matter how hard you train, your results are ultimately determined by what you put into your body. Whether you’re after fat loss, muscle gain, or just want to look better naked, getting a dedicated nutrition program is the fastest way to do so. At Barefoot Health, we offer nutrition coaching that includes meal plans, consulting, and lab testing to work out if there are any hormonal imbalances that need addressing. To book your FREE initial consultation, please visit Coach Steve’s website are

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