Handstand Cycle week 1


Monday 10th June – 8 & 9am WODs only due to Public Holiday

CrossFit 3000 South Melbourne – Gymnastics


– Plated wrist circles

–Foam-roller TX complex

–Lat/Pec Min

–Scapula mobility with ball

– Hanging shoulder release


Superset 1:

i) 4×12 Lying Passthroughs

ii) 4×10 Scapula KB rotations

Superset 2:

i) 3×10 Dead bug extensions

ii) 3×15 Prone pelvic tilts


A) 4×8-10 Tempo Blocked Pushups

*15-20s tripod hold after each set

B) 4×10 Front plank to Downward Dogs

*30s hollow hold after each set

C) 4x10m Walking Scorpion Kicks

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